The end began with a storm. Not a dark and stormy night but a blustery stormy day. A hot spring storm, felt across much of the world. Weather people across the globe were puzzled by the unusual weather, at least that was what everyone remembers. 

You were in school when it happened. The lights went out … everywhere. At first people thought it was a local outage due to the storm. But the power didn't come back on. The busses didn't work, cars didn't work and the chaos began. Maybe you made it home, and stayed in your house  with your family for a week or two before heading out, maybe you never saw your home or family again.

People came together after that, they worked to help others, to find food and clothes together But most people had no clue how to survive without modern society, and then the sickness began. People fell ill and in a few days they died, but they didn't stay down, they rose with a hunger for brains. Those they bit died and came back much quicker. And the zombie apocalypse engulfed the world.

At first people scavenged what they could living on the remnants of the old society. But that ran out in a couple years and being a lone scavenger didn't work. Communities formed, some prospered and some disappeared, while others were wiped and left to rot.

But through it all you made it. You grew up and found a place in the community of Freehaven. The farms are mostly outside the walls, but life inside is fairly good. Many of the community buildings have power and running water and sewer. The community produces its own clothing and products, like toilet paper. You even have a hospital with doctors and medicine. 

It is a good life, as good as one could expect anyway. But they say all good things come to an end … We shall see.

We Begin at the End

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