Owen C. McBride

...I've seen some shit...


Owen C. McBride is a young guy who grew up fightin’. His mother and father helped him along with his fighting skills (first few years was ‘learn how to take a hit’, next years were ‘learn how to avoid getting hit’, last few years were ‘how to hit back’). One day, when Owen figured he had had enough…“training”…he left the small, secluded cabin and headed for the nearest town… Freehaven. There he took to drinking, fighting, and patrolling with the other regulars who were “ill-equipped” to live in such a nice place. Fancying himself a soldier of sorts, he dresses the part and lives it. Drink, patrol, drink, patrol, drink, patrol, rinse, repeat. That’s Ownes life now. Maybe that will be all he is…more likely some horrific shit will go down and he’ll die screaming in pain, or screaming in excitement as he destroys wave after wave of the undead. Either way, his overconfidence and annoying honesty (coupled with a bottle of rotgut) is likely to lead him to a death that he’ll be sure to remember for the rest of his life.


Owen C. McBride

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