Player Characters

Here I will have character creation guidelines.

Player Characters are built on 100 points and should be skilled capable modern humans. No super powers, no magic, no future tech. Normal tech level is 4 to 5, although knowledge (skills) of tech 7 and 8 is still pretty common and the occasional tech level 9 theories are talked about. Players where all 9 years old when the world fell apart 15 years ago, and have grown into adults in this troubled world.

High stats and skills would serve any player well and perks are always a plus. Any single  advantage over 15 points will need to be approved by the GM, but will likely be ok if it fits your background, unless it is some superhuman power … none of those to start with.

Disadvantages are as per normal.

No magic – well magic on earth is very difficult and you need a lot of specific things to be able to use magic on earth, I don't think a 100 point character would be able to make it happen and still be playable.

Max tech level for skills is tech 8. That's what it was in 2019 then the power stopped. many of the cleverest people managed to survive. They are the ones who rebuild solar panels and get cars running again.

Everyone has had to kill at least a few zombies in the last decade, so some sort of combat skill is recommended, and probably something that you can get or make ammo for or that doesn't need ammo. ( bullets are extremely rare after 15 years of constant scavenging.)


Player Characters

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